Abstract Times Square Billboard


Art Direction, Design


To promote the second season premiere of Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design, the team at Godfrey Dadich Partners was tasked with creating an animated billboard in New York City's iconic Times Square. The billboard would run for a month to promote the newly released episodes. I lead the concepting and art direction of a visual, conceptually driven advertisement that would do justice to the world's top designers featured in the show, and stand out in the frenetic energy of the busiest intersection in the world.


Individual Environments


Cas Holman


Ian Spalter


Neri Oxman


Olafur Eliasson


Jonathan Hoefler


Ruth Carter


I knew that the animated billboard would have to speak to all six designers featured in the second season, as well as the diverse mediums and styles in which they work. Crafting a unified visual with that breadth of influences would require us to build a creative smart solution.

I started by thinking about the spectrum gradient logo that Abstract has become known for. Breaking that fluid spectrum into six vertical bands allowed distinct compartments for the visual language of each designer, including Cas Holman, Ian Spalter, Neri Oxman, Olafur Eliasson, Jonathan Hoefler, and Ruth Carter. The designers were matched with their respective colors based on notable pieces of their work. 

I created a detailed proof of concept sketch that showed the background elements, and the Abstract letterforms, formed with the materials of each respective vertical band. I then gave this sketch to the motion designer, along with detailed visual moodboards, and directed the iterations as he built out each CGI environment. 

After countless hue adjustments and iterations, we arrived at a final static image, which was translated into a 60 second looping video that gives focus to each individual environment and the subtle atmospheric animations in each. The result was a mediatitive, lush video that invites viewers to take a break from the chaos of Times Square, and find a new perspective.

Role: Art Direction, Design

Motion Design: Anthony Zazzi

Photo Retouching: Eric Heintz

Creative Direction: Rachel Gogel, Scott Dadich


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